Acryllic, Marker, Collage on Canvas 3 x 30 x 30 cm



Can we even believe that our decisions and thoughts are ours? We are influenced by the society and media up to a point where we sometimes can´t see the difference anymore.

Is this what I want or is this what society expects from me as a functional individual is the question!

Society confusion

Acrylic/Collage/Marker on wood, 2x 20 cm x 40 cm


The person in fusion with the urban environment. Do we have more or less freedom while livin in a big city that has, on one hand more opportunities to offer but is more controlled on the other hand? The freedom doesn´t excists on the surface, it survives in subcultures, that is for excample, represented by streetart.

City Limits

Acrylic/Marker/Collage on Canvas, 20 cm x 100 cm

This painting deals with the topic of past communism and current capitalism in bulgaria. Two fronts one face…a person of high importance in bulgaria once told me that more or less the names of the polititians changed, but that bulgaria is still rules by the same corruptionists then back in the days of communism.

two fronts one face

go round